Hearing loss can be a worrying prospect for those potentially facing it. You might be concerned about how wearing a hearing aid will look, or worried about how it will affect your quality of life, or stop you from doing what you love.

However, there are ways to manage poor hearing with hearing loss treatment. We’re going to take a look at A-listers including actors, a celebrity chef, and even a prominent politician that have shared their experiences of the condition, breaking down common misconceptions about wearing hearing aids:

Bill clinton

This former president wears 2 hearing aids after being diagnosed with high-frequency hearing deficiency at 51 (the most common form of hearing loss). These in-canal devices allow him to pinpoint sounds in crowded rooms. Those with this type of hearing loss struggle to hear female voices or consonants, including “h”, “s” and “f”.

Having ignored the condition previously, Clinton is still active in politics and proves you can continue your career and lead a busy life despite hearing loss.

Whoopi goldberg

This celebrated actress has NIHL (noise-induced hearing loss). Unlike Clinton, Goldberg finds it difficult to detect low-pitch sounds, affecting her ability to hear vowels including “a” and “e” or deep male voices.

Nowadays, she educates young people to prevent unnecessary damage to their hearing from listening to loud music. She demonstrates that not all hearing loss affects people in the same way.

Jean christophe novelli

Now a keen advocate of hearing tests for those over 50, this French chef proves that a hearing aid is no barrier to having that je ne sais quoi. He was 52 when diagnosed with hearing loss and reluctant to seek advice, but was convinced to have his hearing tested after suffering from a stiff neck and headaches whilst straining to follow conversations.

Reflecting on the situation, Novelli believes his severe hearing loss was amplified following a career working in bustling kitchens.

Millie bobby brown

Hearing loss has often been associated with older generations. Yet, this teenage actress has been partially deaf in one ear since birth. This unfortunately resulted in complete hearing loss in that ear later on. Limiting her ability to hear directors’ instructions on sets including Stranger Things, she shows that the condition can affect any age group.

On a brighter note, her successful singing and acting career proves that hearing loss should never hold you back from following your passions.

Our advice to you

Attending regular hearing tests can give you peace of mind and pick up early signs of hearing loss quickly. These 4 celebrities prove that hearing loss is nothing to be embarrassed about, whatever your age or profession.

Where to have a hearing test

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