With Covid alerts changing constantly around the country, you might be wondering if it’s safe to come for an eye exam. The answer is that we are very much open for and encourage you and your family to keep up with your regular eye tests and book yourselves in as soon as possible if you know you are overdue, or struggling with your vision.


Appointments Only

We want to put you at ease by explaining the safety measures we currently have in place. To start with, we are open on an appointment-only basis. This enables us to control the number of people in the practice at any time. We also have a locked-door policy that allows us to manage the people in the store and ensure social distancing is possible at all times.

PPE and Cleaning

All our staff are required to wear personal protective equipment including face masks. We also expect anyone visiting us to wear a face mask, but if you don’t have one, we will be happy to provide you with one.

Our opticians are using their usual disinfecting and sanitisation regime, and our staff are working to ensure the whole store is clean and safe. Equipment is disinfected after every appointment, and common areas in the store are cleaned daily. If you would like to try any frames on, you are free to do so but a member of staff will accompany you so that they can clean any frames that have been tried afterwards.

Optomap & OCT Eye Scan

Adapting our eye exams has also been an important part of the changes made to ensure you are seen in a Covid safe environment. We are fortunate to have Optomap Ultra Widefield and 4D OCT scanning technology available and highly encourage this as standard for all adults as part of their eye exams. Rather than being in close proximity to patients and also having to contend with our own glasses fogging up whilst wearing PPE, these advanced retinal scans enable us to offer a comprehensive and accurate eye health assessment from a safe distance.

The Optomap and OCT scans are much more advanced than traditional retinal photography. They enable us to see a greater area of the retina, covering 200° of the back of the eye, rather than the standard 45° image. This means we can get a much clearer picture of your eye health and spot potential eye problems like glaucoma, macular degeneration and diabetes in the early stages, meaning a greater chance of early intervention for successful treatment.

Optomap Eye Scan For Children

At the moment we also require children to have an Optomap scan as part of their eye exam. As with adults, it allows us to get the full picture of your child’s eye health while keeping everyone safe with social distancing. The Optomap isn’t included under the NHS, so we are offering it for children at half price, £20 instead of the usual £40.

We Welcome You to Our Practice

With all of the above measures in place, we are confident that both you and our staff will feel completely safe during your visit. We invite you to book an appointment with our opticians in Henley to come in for an eye exam and ensure the continued good health of your eyes.